Selfie Clubhouse is proud to host their annual Cosplay Convention. A 2 day event for cosplayers and enthusiast.

Day 1 - Meet and Greet - June 18th, 5p - 8p , 
Greet and meet up with fellow Cosplayers . With over 30 backgrounds to choose from, immerse yourself in the world of cosplay meeting fellow influencers and players as you prepare for a fun filled convention. Must wear a costume.

Day 2 - Cosplay Convention - June 19th 2p - 7p
Join us for a fun filled convention with costumes, vendors ,music, entertainment,  contest and prizes. Attendees will be able to meet their favorite cosplayers, purchase items from popular vendors, take photos and videos in front of 30 different backdrops, and partake in cosplay contest for best costumes.

Interested in being a Vendor??
Please email us: 
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